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Wheel alignment is important to safety, drivability and tire life. Every pothole you find can knock your wheel alignment out of specification. Racing teams know that alignments can make the difference between having their tires last a full race or ending their race early. Similarly, your daily driven car’s alignment is the most important factor in the life of your tires. In fact, accurate alignment can increase tire life by 50 percent or more compared to a misaligned car, saving you money!

In addition to accelerated tire wear, misaligned wheels may also cause steering pull, imprecise steering feel and “drifting” that you'll feel when driving. Precise wheel alignments allow for safer, more enjoyable driving.

This link from Discount Tire Direct has a great discussion of Wheel Alignment Basics.
An Inside Look at EDGE Motorworks' Custom Wheel Alignment Process

Wheel alignment is an exacting task. The alignment specifications for your car are expressed in thousandths of an inch or fractions of a degree. When your technician looks at your vehicle, he or she may use terms that are unfamiliar. “Camber” refers to the wheel’s tilt towards the inside or outside of the vehicle, and can lead to early wear on the edges of your tires. “Caster” helps you drive in a straight line because it’s a measure of the angle of your wheel in relation to the suspension. “Toe” is the measure of whether the tires are pointed inward or outward in relation to each other and is a major cause of premature wear of your tire tread.
At EDGE Motorworks, our roots are in racing. We have always taken pride in super accurate alignments. We customize alignment adjustments to the needs of that particular car and driver’s needs. Our racing customers need precision alignment settings that optimize performance and maximize grip. Most daily driven cars need alignments that are optimized for maximum tire life, and suspension adjustments are precisely tuned to provide great drivability and maximum tire tread life. Whatever your needs, EDGE Motorworks custom alignments are guaranteed to satisfy or we will re-adjust your alignment at no charge!
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If your car’s tire alignment is affecting the way you drive, it’s important you get the problem fixed before it gets worse. At EDGE Motorworks, we offer competitively priced tires from all manufacturers, and we back repairs with a two-year warranty. While you’re here, you can also take advantage of other service options such as an oil change. Whether you live in San Ramon, Livermore or Pleasanton, book an appointment online or give us a call at (925) 803-8080 today!
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