Convenient Oil Service in Dublin

Today’s automobiles are more sophisticated than ever, but when you strip away all of the bells and whistles, you’re still left with a powerful engine that propels you down the road. As your car does its work, hundreds of moving parts repeat thousands of cycles every minute, which is why a regular oil change is part of any manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance guidelines. At EDGE Motorworks in Dublin, our highly trained specialists can keep you in compliance with warranties and maximize the life of your vehicle with top-quality products that are perfectly matched to your auto.
Pick Conventional or Synthetic Lubricant to Suit Your Car

Picking the proper lubricant for your engine is much more complicated than looking at the weight numbers on the bottle. The first decision you have to make is whether you want conventional or synthetic oil. While traditional products get the job done at a lower price point, synthetics boost fuel economy, react better to extreme temperatures and provide additional protection against sludge. Age is an additional consideration, as high-mileage oil is the product for you if your engine has more than 75,000 miles on the odometer.
Serving Pleasanton, San Ramon, Livermore, Dublin, and Beyond

Think about how much you use your car every day, and then imagine that all coming to a screeching halt because you didn’t keep up with scheduled maintenance. At EDGE Motorworks, our ASE-certified master technicians know whether your vehicle needs conventional oil or synthetics, and we have a filter selection to match all makes and models. While you’re here, we can also perform brake service or any other automotive procedures, and we stand behind all repairs with a two-year warranty. Whether you’re located in Livermore, Pleasanton or San Ramon, we’re right around the corner in Dublin, so give us a call at 925-803-8080 today!
Vehicle Getting Fueled with Oil — convenient oil changes in Dublin, CA