Identifying and Fixing Check Engine Light Issues in Dublin, CA

How many times have you been driving along only to have the check engine light start glowing on your instrument cluster? While this could be the result of something simple like a loose gas cap, there might be a more serious issue affecting the performance of your car. You may be tempted to keep driving your auto with the hope that the problem resolves itself, but that’s often how minor complications grow into more expensive system failures. At EDGE Motorworks in Dublin, our technicians are certified by ASE to use cutting-edge technology that provides accurate car diagnostic service for vehicles of every make and model.
Our Car Diagnostic Process Can Pinpoint the Problem

Our car diagnostic process can pinpoint the problem when your check engine, service engine soon or other indicator light comes on, we have a multi-step process to pinpoint the problem. Generally, the first step is to search the error codes in the computer; once the computer codes are identified, our certified technicians will check the appropriate sensors, software and test other systems as needed to identify the issue.
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You have a lot invested in your vehicle, so don’t gamble by ignoring the warning indicators on your dashboard. Your car is a sophisticated piece of equipment, and even adherence to the manufacturer’s scheduled car maintenance guidelines isn’t enough to prevent every problem. If your check engine light comes on in San Ramon, Pleasanton or Livermore, trust the experts at EDGE Motorworks to get to the bottom of the situation and fix it right the first time. Give us a call at 925-803-8080 or schedule your appointment online today!
Our Certified Technicians Can Repair Your Car Right the First Time

Once any malfunction is located, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate and prompt repairs that are backed by the best warranty in the business – 3 years and 36,000 miles.
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