Comprehensive Service for Automatic Transmissions in Dublin, CA

Your car is a sophisticated piece of equipment, and there are many systems that make it work. Your engine can be working perfectly, but it’s your transmission and drive train that deliver power to the wheels. Most performance cars and full-size trucks and SUVs have a front-engine, rear-wheel drive (RWD) configuration, and most modern sedans, mini vans and crossovers have a front-engine, front-wheel drive configuration or all-wheel drive (FWD or AWD) configuration. Both types have service requirements that keep them on the road as long as possible, and EDGE Motorworks uses the latest in diagnostic capabilities to pinpoint any issues and provide quality transmission repair.
We Service Manual Transmissions and Clutches!

The manual transmission is still alive! While many cars these days have automatic transmissions, most competition cars and many performance cars use the trusty old clutch and stick shift. One advantage of the manual transmission is lower maintenance costs and fewer repairs. In fact, in most cases, a few gear oil changes and the occasional clutch replacement are all that your car will need throughout its life. At EDGE Motorworks, we can maintain your manual transmission and keep you on the road or track!
Serving Dublin, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, and Pleasanton

If you suspect your vehicle is suffering from a transmission issue, don’t wait for a small problem to develop into a catastrophic failure. Whether you live in Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore or San Ramon, let the experienced staff of ASE-certified master technicians at EDGE Motorworks diagnose the problem with the latest equipment and get your vehicle running smoothly again. We can handle all makes and models, and we back up every repair with a 24-month or unlimited mile warranty. Give us a call at 925-803-8080 to set up your appointment today!
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