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Over 40 Years of Excellence!

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At EDGE Motorworks, your satisfaction is our goal and our highest priority.

EDGE Motorworks got its start in a home garage in 2003 by two “car guys” who found the local shops and dealerships too impersonal and careless. Focusing on BMW race cars initially, they proved that it was possible to provide caring customer service and quality work. In 2004, they expanded to street cars, providing high-quality service to all BMWs and MINI Coopers. In 2015 they combined forces with Dublin Auto Repair who started out building hot-rods in 1975. From the very beginning EDGE Motorworks has built a solid reputation in the BMW and MINI community, becoming known and recognized for their integrity, quality workmanship and outstanding customer service provided our valued customers. Since the merger in 2015, EDGE Motorworks has expanded again to provide the same premium service to all makes and models!

You and your car are our highest priority. This is why when someone asks for a good automotive repair shop, our customers say: “Take it EDGE!”